American Atlantic Lines was founded in June 2017 by NetGuy524. In the beginning, they had little experience building, so the first two ships were of rather poor quality. However, they employed MrLinerz, a better builder. He worked on ships such as the TSS Orca and the SS Alva. NetGuy524 and other executives built the SS Ocean's Queen, the MV Elizabeth, the PS Norman, and the SS Majestic (Unfinished). In January 2018, MrLinerz leaked two of the ships, the PS Norman and the TSS Orca without the owner's permission. According to the owner, the company had become corrupt, and because of this MrLinerz wanted to shut it down. NetGuy524, in an interview, said he didn't care about the Orca; MrLinerz built it. But, he said, "Linerz had no permission to take my ship, the Norman. He didn't help with it, though he used it countless times. Now, any noob can claim ownership of MY ship." The company shutdown in March 2018 after Blue Flag Line's SS Oceana was leaked by OChanelN3.