Designed and built by Duke  Totoro Banks, the RMS Kaiser  was the flagship of the LCL and the largest ship in the world during her brief career. She hit a rock, and sank in only 1 hour with 1,000 fatalities. Her wreck has been put under protection. 

The ship was named after Duke Totoro's friend, Kaiser Wilhelm III. On her 20th voyage, she struck a large rock. the ship quickly started listing, meaning only 7 of the 12 lifeboats onboard could be launched, and 2 fell into the sea and sank. Noted fatalitys were:

Captain Rzar- last spotted drinking in the dining saloon.

Lord Dingle- Hyperthermia

Will Wally- Buisness owner, last seen in the grand staircase

Officer zeo-  Suspected to have died in the boiler room.