The SS Cassidy is a small steam ship built by ShipBuilder1912
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Construction Edit

The SS Cassidy started construction in late 1971 in a shipyard located in the city of Blockford under the name Hull 780. Her 3rd class cabin areas were non-existent during its first months of construction but were added later on in the construction. Her builder had intended for a total capacity of 1,100 passengers but due to delays, its total passenger count was lowered to 990.

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She is the 1st ship in the Cassidy Class

Features Edit

The Cassidys' interiors are loosely based on steamships and ocean liners from the Edwardian era, which includes an Olympic style dining room, a Art Deco Ballroom based on Queen Marys', a Swimming Pool, a casino, smoking room, lounge, grand staircase and a stage area.

Maiden Voyage Edit

Her first maiden voyage took place during Christmas of 1972 from Danampton, Jibberia to Station Square, DRPI (Democratic Republic of Palmont Island). During that voyage, the ship was completely fully booked, she also averaged a top speed of 22.2 Knots. The crossing took 1 day to finish and was very successful, and the passenger reviews were extraordinary.