The S.S. Tech is a small passenger liner designed by Acrolect. She has a dining room and a grand staircase

S.S. Tech

She made over 96 voyages.

The SinkingEdit

While in the English channel, she was carrying 525 passengers. Then at 1:00 PM, A boiler exploded on the starboard bow. She sunk in only 45 minutes. 15 minutes after the explosion, she started to list to starboard. At 1:20, the first lifeboat was launched from the port side with 16 on board, out of a capacity for 30. . At around 1:25, the list vanished as the bow was about even with the water line. 30 minutes after the explosion, she started listing to port. The last lifeboat was launched at 1:35, with all 30 on board. By now, the port list was getting increasingly strong and it became obvious to passengers she was going to capsize. At this point, captain Jim Glenn and other crew members were trying to release the last two lifeboats from the roof of the officer's cabin. Unfortunately, neither of the boats made it. The forward funnel collapsed at 1:43, killing some passengers trying to free the last boats. After the funnel fell, the sinking rate increased dramatically. In 3 minutes, the SS Tech had sunk. There were 472 deaths, and 53 survivors. Captain Jim Glenn sadly died of hypothermia in the water. 

The WreckEdit

The S.S. Tech lays 567 feet below the surface and lays on her side at a 85 degree angle.