1. Myra Danielle: "When I was I in the dining room eating toast, I heard an explosion. Most people stayed there and continued eating and talking. Later, I walked over to my husband Eric, and told him: "Let's get to the boat deck." So when we got to the boat deck, we saw people getting into the lifeboats. I came over to an officer and said: "What is even happening?" he replied: "Ma'am, I need you to get in a lifeboat!" I replied: SO WE'RE SINKING?!?" the officer just said: "Just get into the lifeboat and watch your step!" I listened and stepped into the lifeboat, but 3 minutes later, my husband came in and said "Oh, the relief!"

2. George Archibald: "While I was in my 3rd class cabin I heard an explosion, but I thought it was just a noise in the engine room. A few minutes later, I woke up to water up to my toes! I was scared! The water was so cold, it was -2 degrees! I got to E deck of the grand staircase and ran up the stairs. This took a while, but when I finally got to the boat deck, I realized the water was up the bow! I then did something stupid, something I regret doing; I ran to the stern and held on the railing, just when the ship was about to plunge. I jumped off into the icy water. I swam and saw a pallet. I climbed on it and watched the SS Tech disappear under the water. A 2nd class man tried to steal my pallet, so I punched him in the face! Then he swam away. after waiting on the pallet, a lifeboat came over to me. The officer shouted: "There's a man still alive!" I grabbed his hand and pulled myself into the life boat.

3. Thomas Allison: "On the SS Tech I was a stoker. It's a dirty boiling job, but someone's gotta do it. At least there were other stokers. I heard an explosion, half a second later tons of cold, salty water rushed in. I fell to the floor and went unconscious for a few seconds. When I woke up, I thought I died and went to heaven, but I was still alive. I tried to grab on to something, then I grabbed a bar and lifted myself up. I swam in the whirlpool of cold, salty water, I got to the stairs and ran to the grand staircase. I ran up the stairs until I got to the boat deck, I saw a lifeboat in the water and I jumped! I landed in the water right next to lifeboat, I said: "please let me on!" the officer in charge of the lifeboat said: "Okay, but be careful not to capsize us!" so I climbed in the life boat, lucky to be alive. I was one of the only stokers to survive the sinking.