Ss foray

Replica of the SS Foray for ''FORAY THE MOVIE''

The SS Foray was the flagship of Rosea it was build by Rockbone11 and was until the SS Vega was launched The largest ship in Rosea's fleet . But until 2012 she hit a rock and Sunk. A year later she was Raised and Fixed. However later on She sunk Again and was never raised. Right now Rosea is busy with the construction of a new Foray  The Foray II.

First Sinking Edit

In 2012 The Foray was sailing on open ocean, When it hit a rock causing the Ship to fill with water and sinking to the Ocean floor. The number of deaths is unknown. 

Raise Edit

A year after the sinking, Foray was raised from the ocean and repaired at a Shipyard and Returned in Service with Rosea and it keep the name Foray. 

Second Sinking  Edit

The cause of The Sinking is unknown.

Wreck Edit

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The Wreck Of SS Foray

The Wreck of The Foray Lies about 3.000 Meters below the surface.

Movie Edit

The Builder of the Foray is the Rockbone11 was busy with a movie named ''FORAY THE MOVIE'' Telling the Whole story of the First Sinking. While the
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The Fixed SS Foray After being raised, Before she would sink again.

Construction Of The Foray II Continues. 

The Foray II Project has been stopped or halted for one time and may never be finished.