Viking Line Euroway was a Estonia shipping company, founded in 2014. Viking Line Euroway got defunct in 2015.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Viking Line Euroway was founded by AlanMayor in 2014

In 2015 the marketing company VikingLine was founded later Viking Line Euroway had joined the cooperation. Viking Line initially had Five ships, Viking Line Euroway's M/S Viking XPRS 1.0 and M/S Viking XPRS 2.0 (never delivered.

2015 Edit

During the 2015 Viking Line Euroway stopped operations because VikingLine was the real and Viking Line Euroway was FAKE the Group got shutdown in 2015 But some weeks later the Viking XPRS was delivered back to VikingLine after shutdown.

Ships Edit

Not a complete list.

  • Viking XPRS 1.0 (2014–2015)
  • Viking Express (2014–2014)
  • Viking XPRS 2.0 (2015, delivered but sold later to VikingLine due to shutdown)